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Montana Mountain Lion/Cougar Hunting

Montana Mountain Lion/Cougar Hunting

Mountain snow is helpfull for these lion or cougar hunts however our hounds do not need snow to run a cougar track but it helps us identify the sex of a lion or cougar before turning the dogs loose.

Success rate on cougar and mountain lion hunts will be near 100% with hunters who can do what it takes to lion hunt. Because Mountain lion hunting can be a lot of walking, being in good physical condition is an absolute must. Licenses for Montana are available over the counter if purchased 5 days prior to your hunt, Idaho licenses are over the counter.

Rifle, handgun or archery hunt available(We don't recommend archery though) Most shots at lions will be 30 yards or less and over the years we have found that a open sight lever gun such as a .30-30 will work best. We keep a 30-30 in camp at all times if you prefer to use our rifle.

Montana Cougar Hunting with Dogs

Hunting Montana and Idaho Mountain Lions With Dogs

Our method of lion hunting is a time proven tradition. We have some of the best big game hounds in the west and have been raising and training this line of dogs for over 40 years. We start the day by driving the roads in our hunting area looking for tracks, if none are found crossing roads we use snowmobiles to check all the trails. We also walk ridges and draws looking for lion sign. In poor hunting conditions we use rig dogs and the dogs will strike (bark) from a platform on the hunting truck if we cross a track. Whatever method we use on your lion (cougar) hunt it will be a memorable trip.

Montana Cougar Hunting with Redbone Outfitters

Season Dates & Rates

    • Hunt Prices: 7 day hunt- $6500
    • No non hunters on lion hunts
    • Dec. 1st till closed by quota in Mt.
    • Idaho season runs November - June each year
    • Most of our Lion hunts will need to be booked at least 1 year in advance.

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Mountain Lion Hunting in Montana or Idaho

What Gear To Bring

  • Appropriate hunting clothing, this means wool pants and shirt
  • Small survival kit to fit in your back pack
  • Hunting Gear: binocs, Rifle or bow
  • Small back pack for day hunts
  • Personal toiletries
  • Air bob boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Camera
  • Towel


Redbone Outfitting Mountain Lion Hunting photo gallery.

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1 - 12 of 47 Items

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