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Montana Antelope Hunting

Montana Antelope Hunting

Here are Redbone Outfitting we offer our clients with two different opportunities to hunt antelope in Montana. Traditionally with the antelope being very quick and can range out there some great distances, most clients opt to come hunt antelope with rifles. While on the other hand, some clients that feel up to the challenge, with some patience and great direction from the guides, we can get our archery hunters great opportunities in harvesting an antelope at a close distance. Either way you are sure to have a great experience here in Montana.

Montana Antelope Rifle Hunts

We use spot and stock techniques for our rifle antelope hunts. You may either sit in a ground blind over a water hole during the afternoon. Success rate on rifle antelope is 100% and as you can see we harvest some very nice bucks. Our area does not harbor many record book antelope but you can expect to see lots of quality Antelope bucks in the 14 to 16 inch class.

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Montana Antelope Archery Hunts

Your archery antelope hunt will consist of spot and stalk, blind, and decoy hunting with experienced archery antelope hunting guides. Waterhole (blind) hunts work well during low water years but during years with lots of summer rain there are to many watering holes to predict what one will be used on a given day. Bow hunting with a decoy is extremely efective during the rut, action is fast and furious when a buck comes in. Spot and stalk method is one of our personal favorite methods, it gives us a chance to move around a bit and it is very rewarding to get within bow range of a buck antelope.

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