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Idaho Black Bear Hunts

Idaho Black Bear Hunts

Spring Bear hunts and fall Bear hunts are conducted from our main Base camp where all client tents are fitted with sleeping cots, propane or electric lighting and good wood stoves. Base camp also has a fully supplied cook tent where the camp cook will prepare all meals during the hunt. We keep trail camera's on all Bear hunting baits and bait every bear bait daily in addition every client will have a 2 way radio on stand with them. We offer bait and hound hunting on our bear hunts but the most successful Bear hunting is from tree stands over bait. We use the older clamp on style tree stands and most are located from 20 to 75 yards from the bait sites. All Bear hunters are required to bring their own safety harness for the stand.

Spring Bear hunting is done mostly in the afternoon and evening. We put clients on stand 2-3 in the afternoon and we hunt untill dark (about 10pm), after the day's hunting we will have dinner around midnight. The guides will be up early the next morning running baits and collecting camera chips so we can plan the evening hunt.

We have several Bear hunting camps in the Selway bitterroot wilderness that are horseback pack in hunting camps for fall spot and stalk Bear/Elk combo hunts those prices are posted on the Elk page. We also have a end of the road base camp at Brushy Fork and Beaver ridge for those clients who prefer bait and hound option for a bear hunt.

Now Booking For the Fall 2017 and '18 Bear Seasons

Openings in the following spring hunts....Fall '17 and Spring and Fall '18

Fall Black Bear Hunting in Idaho


Idaho has over the counter licenses and tags for Wolf and Bear hunting in our area.

  • Special - 5 day Fall bear hunt (bait) - $1800 ea. 
  • 5 day spring bear hunt (bait) - $2550
  • 5 day bear hunt (hounds) - $3200
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What Gear To Bring

  • Weapon and Ammo
  • Flashlight and 20 batteries
  • Camera
  • Warm clothing for sitting in stand
  • Personal toiletry items/medications
  • Sleeping bag
  • Day pack
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking boots
  • Bug spray
  • Safety harness (REQUIRED)
  • Guide tip

We are a equal oportunity provider and employer permited by the Powell Ranger Dist.             



Redbone Outfitting Bear hunting photo gallery.

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