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Elk Hunting Guide & Outfitter

As a Outfitter/guide service we offer Elk hunts, We do not sell elk. All Elk hunts are fair chase, wild Elk hunts. Shooting skills are very important and Archery or rifle hunting clients that wound Elk will notch your tag while hunting at our camps.  We do not offer any high fence or game farm type hunts. Licenses are sold by the respective state and the cost is the hunters responsibility. We will help you with the licensing process. Hunts are 2 hunters per guide unless specified.

Success rates are VERY client dependent. Clients must be able to ride a horse and that includes mounting and dismounting by themselves, hiking in the rugged Selway Bitterroot mountains, shooting at distances required and taking instruction from guides. Clients unable to preform the tasks required will greatly reduce the chances to harvest a elk.

Elk Hunts Available/Rates

  • Drop Camp Archery/Rifle Elk hunt - 7 day, $2800 per person, This is a unguided hunt.

  • Rifle Base Camp Elk hunt - 5 day, $4900 per person

  • Rifle Pack in Elk hunt - 7 day, $6500 per person

  • Guided Archery Elk hunt - 7 day, $4500 per person

  • Montana Missouri Breaks special Permit Elk hunt - 7 day, $6500 per person. This is a special drawing hunt only. These are 1 on 1 hunts.

  • 1 on 1 hunts add $1200

  •  Non hunters are $2000 if we have room

Montana Elk Hunting is by special drawing permit only in our Missouri Breaks area. These permits are very hard to draw (1-2600) and must be applied for by March 15th. We guide a couple of these each year. We have never sent an elk hunter home without an elk in this area.  The 2017 season scored 342" a 335" and a 330" bulls for our lucky clients in this area.The 2 biggest bulls ever taken with Redbone Outfitting in this area Scored 394 and 405 gross score.  We do these elk hunts by special arrangement and you should give us a call or email us for more information. Keep in mind you must DRAW a special permit (Montana hunting district 620 or 621) to hunt this area.

Idaho Rifle Elk Hunts Drop camp elk hunts and Archery Elk hunts Take place in Idaho hunting unit 12 and we have great success with our elk hunts there. These great elk hunts take place in the northern reaches of the Selway bitterroot wilderness in Idaho along the Montana border. Elk licenses are available on a first come basis here and are normally available through the summer prior to Elk season. These hunts are either base camp or pack in hunts, we recomend the base camp option as it gives the guides more options if the Elk are moving. These camps are a short 1 1/2 hour drive from Missoula Montana.

What Gear To Bring

  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Day pack
  • Hiking boots/Riding boots
  • Pack in camps are limited to 70 pounds of gear per person
  • Hunting gear, day pack, etc.
  • Rifle or Bow
  • Ammo or arrows
  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal items
  • Flashlight
  • Guide & cook tip

Request Information

If you would like to book a hunt or would like more information about our Rifle or Archery Elk Hunts, please contact Bud at (406) 370-5419 or send us an email.

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